What's it made of?

All of our products are made of the same 95% organic cotton knit jersey and 5% elastane. The cotton is grown in Southern Turkey, in Şanlıurfa. The cotton is then knit into a jersey fabric in an Eco Factory in Bursa, in Northwest Turkey. The reason we include elastane is that you need a bit of stretch in order for the bras and undies to mold properly to your body. Without the 5% elastane, we can't achieve the right support for our bras and tanks, and the thongs and bloomers have a diaper-esque aesthetic.

How should I wash everything?

I prefer to wash all my Buttercup stuff separately from the rest of my laundry, just so the colors stay nice and bright (especially the lace, a lot of which is quite light!) I always wash on cold, because that's better for the fabric.

That being said, cotton is pretty resilient. If you don't have the time (or interest!) to do your undies separately, just chuck them in with everything on your regular wash. However, they may fade/lose their color more quickly if you do this.