Ok, first of all, I highly encourage you to get an accurate bra size reading using this calculator: www.abrathatfits.org. It only takes a couple of minutes and really helps you get a good sense of how big your boobs are. You might be surprised! I feel like a lot of us just get our boobs measured once in a Victoria's Secret when we're in middle school and then just kind of move on with our lives. Anyway, now that you have your bra size, here's how to convert it to Buttercup sizing:


 Band Size Buttercup Size
28 XS
30 - 32 S
34 - 36 M
38 - 40 L
42 - 44 XL


Cup sizes are pretty intuitive. If you're an A-C, get the A-C cup. If you're a D-DDD, get a D-DDD. If you're an F-G, we are working on a bra for you!